8 Local SEO Tips for Service Companies

by Mark Prickett December 26, 2018

Did you know that Google’s algorithm treats local searches different than others?

Think about it. If you wanted to order a pizza, it wouldn’t make sense for Google to show companies and sites that are located hundreds of miles away from the searcher.

This applies especially to the “map pack”, whereas the local organic results aren’t always localized in the same way. However, service companies specifically (plumbers, pest control, removals, heating and cooling, etc) almost always are.

Here are a few things you can do today to take more advantage of knowing how the local search algorithm works.

Onsite Optimization

Your website is the portal by which the world (your customers) judge you. The design, copy, color scheme, loading speed, and other elements can make or break your visitor’s experience, not to mention trip up Google’s bots.

You need to consider the question, “what is the end goal that I want for (page in question)?” If anything hinders the site visitor from reaching that goal, it’s time to remove whatever barrier is impeding them.

Get Listed

The first step in getting found on Google is making sure that it can actually crawl and index your site. See if it’s already indexed by typing in the search bar- “site:www.yourdomain.com” (without quotation marks). If there are no results, you’ll most likely need to adjust your robots.txt file or consult with a Local SEO professional to fix the issue.

On page Tips to Increase Conversions

If you are a local service company, you’ll need to have CTA’s (calls to action) on your page. “Call Now” or “Get Your Free Consultation” are simple examples, but have shown to increase conversions.

Use a user-friendly site layout. There are absolutely stunning websites out there that look amazing but are very confusing to use. The main action that you want potential customers to take should be bold, a different, color, or at least readily visible and apparent. People should not have to go looking for a way to contact you.

Your NAP and a Map

NAP is short for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Google wants to see where you are located, and if it matches up with other places where you’re listed online. After creating a Google Business listing, embed the map on your site (usually footer will work for single location businesses).

Protect Your Reputation

According to one study performed by Morningdove, which does pest control marketing, they found that the average rating for the top three map listings were 4.4, 4.5, and 4.3, respectively. Google only wants to show high quality, relevant results, so consistently obtaining positive reviews from clients is a great long-term investment in your online presence.


Don’t be scared of the SEO jargon. Citations are just anywhere on the web that mentions your business, usually with a link to your site. These are mostly found in directories, both industry-related and local. You’ll want to make sure you’re in all the relevant ones since Google aggregates a lot of its data from these.


Whenever you’re filling out your information online, make sure all the information is exactly correct. This includes abbreviations with your physical address, your website URL, everything. Search Engines will compare all the different variations, and if they are confused at all, your business might be missing out on ranking highly.


Your main focus for your copy/site content should be for the end user, but don’t forget to appease the search engine gods as well. It’s amazing that so many local businesses don’t even include the keywords for which they want to rank! If you are attempting to rank for a “service+city” type query, you need to mention both somewhere in your content. This doesn’t, however, mean stuff it in where it appears unnatural. Use keywords sparingly, for pete’s sake use them.


Service businesses can take advantage of a lot of free online traffic by following these simple tips. It takes a bit of doing, but the ROI from Local SEO can be astoundingly high. Attract some customers, get their feedback via reviews, rank higher, and repeat the process.

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