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Together the team at Mark Prickett SEO have skill and experience to orchestrate all of your digital marketing requirements from SEO, Website build or redesign, creating content for websites or blog, GMB optimization, Social media, PPC advertising and audit and offer a one-stop shop for all SME looking to increases their incoming leads through digital marketing.

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SEO in Haywards Heath- Website Audit and Competitor Analysis

At the SEO in Haywards Heath services, you can get the detailed website audit report based on quality and performance parameters. The term quality refers to the web design, content, links, images and video etc. The performance parameters include optimization, call to action, social media connectivity, blogs etc. Even though you can adopt the DIY methods for this purpose (with the help of audit templates and worksheets) the outcome may not be according to the need of your website. Hence, you can always depend on the digital marketing in Haywards Heath mid Sussex to perform the task for you efficiently.
The SEO experts in this region have the expertise and experience of working with your specific industry over many years. They can examine the web design for responsiveness, color and font style combination, consistency in white space within the content, image resolution, dimensions, relevance between images and content, titles, sub heading, video quality, etc.

Internet Marketing in Haywards Heath mid Sussex – Performance Audit

Every page in your website gets audited for loading speed, accessibility, navigation, keyword density and distribution in the content, use of synonyms, flow of content with keywords, Page traffic, average ranking, keyword traffic, reader retention and conversion rates.
An average of these parameter values over a specific time period can give you the efficiency and effectiveness of your website design, content and SEO. The average values between two or more successive time periods can give you the performance trends. You can use this procedure for the local SEO as well as global SEO auditing. The experts from the Local SEO in Haywards Heath, mid Sussex can generate text and graphics based audit reports for your analysis and decision making processes.

SEO in Haywards Heath – Competitor Analysis

The key concept in the SEO in Haywards Heath competitor analysis is the understanding the relation between the customers, competitor products and their service architecture. Here, you can get the insight of the competitor strategies, marketing methods, audience attraction, product specifications and special features, etc.

  • Strategy Clash: Your business may have many competitors. You need to understand the few whose strategies clash with yours. They are your closet competitors whose strategy you need to analyze and counter. Here, you need to evaluate the competitor strength in areas where your business is not strong enough. Once you get the details, you can perform a detailed analysis and prepare the strategies. You need to remember that your competitors will also be engaged in performing similar analysis about your market strength and customer base.
  • S.W.O.T: S.W.O.T is an extended analysis of the competitor strength where you compare and contrast the weakness, opportunities, and threats to both. Then you can analyze how they are creating their market segments. You can get the complete reports from the services of SEO in Haywards Heath. They have years of market experience in adopting the best of research strategies to generate accurate and trusted reports. You can use them to gauge the quality and performance parameters of your competitor, business website and products.

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We provide effective marketing solutions that give your business an advantage when it comes to promoting your brand through expertly built websites, local SEO services, and total online marketing management. After many years of working with large companies, I saw a clear opportunity to help smaller companies accelerate growth using strategies that worked so well for me with Fortune 500 brands. Of course, what works for big brands doesn’t always work for smaller companies—but the principles of marketing are exactly the same.

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