Designing WordPress Websites in 2018

In a time when social media pages are king when it comes to engagement - addressing every need from messaging to information - creating a website may seem just a tad counterintuitive.

However, websites provide a variety of benefits that aren’t matched by social media.
They act as a great, professional-looking advertisement, as well as a brochure or catalog for your products and services. They also provide a platform for you to display content such as articles, blog entries, and videos.
In fact, you can combine social media with links to your site to drive more visitors and increase engagement.

If this is your first time considering building a website for your business, or if your last experience with web development was the glory days of GIF-laden GeoCities and Angelfire home pages, you need not fret. Building a website is easier than it’s ever been, and making one that looks professional doesn’t have to be an arduous journey through HTML and CSS code. I’ll show you that if you’re looking for someone to design your website in Haywards Heath, Sussex, you’ve come to the right place.

Platforms And Builders

One big contributor to the ease of modern web development is the prevalence of site builders and easy hosting platforms. These allow you to get started on a website in minutes, providing you with easy stylesheet and design editing, a content management system (CMS) that allows you to conveniently upload different types of content such as photos, articles, and albums, and complete hosting inclusive of a domain name.

A variety of competing platforms exist, each with their own advantages. Let’s take a look at a few:


Wix is a site builder and hosting provider that is well-known for its completeness and ease-of-use. The Wix site builder features intuitive WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) drag-and-drop tools that allow you to add buttons, panels, menus and more in an extremely easy-to-use manner, even if you don’t know how to code. It also features templates that allow you to set up any kind of website, whether it’s a beauty vlog, creative portfolio, or an eCommerce site.
The Wix platform also already integrates site hosting and domain name registration, so you’ll be good to go for an easily-deployed site with Wix.


Squarespace is notable for its very beautiful templates and interface that is elegantly focused on design. You can use various templates as a springboard for your design, then use the drag-and-drop interface to place Blocks, which are content components that may represent videos, photos, text, or anything else you may want to place in your website. It also makes use of an extensive style editor that let you modify opacity, color, dimensions, and more, for each individual Block. Squarespace is very easy to use, and the site has comprehensive tutorials that help you get started.


Of the 10 million most-visited websites in the world, over 30% use WordPress as their content management system. If you look at what WordPress has to offer, it’ll come as no surprise. WordPress is very easy to use, especially for uploading new content and managing existing content. It’s also profoundly modular, with a vast array of plugins that can add completely new functionality to a website with just a few clicks. Finally, it’s incredibly flexible in how it can be deployed. You may choose to run WordPress on a hosting provider that does all the work for you in setting things up, or you can manually download and install the WordPress platform onto your own server – a feat recommended for advanced users only.

I highly recommend WordPress as the site builder of choice – the flexibility and functionality offered are far superior to those of other platforms, and you’ll be able to build exactly the site you want and need.



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Current Web Design Trends

Trends in web design are the very definition of “shifting sands,” and it’s important to keep up with them so your site always has broad appeal. Let’s look at some of the top trends in web design and how they impact a site.

Drop shadows
A classic design trend that has had cyclical disappearances and comebacks since the advent of modern design, drop shadows are extremely effective in adding a sense of three-dimensional depth to an otherwise 2D design. This comes in great contrast to the flat design principles that have been so popular for the past few years.

Organic, round shapes
Efficient card-based UIs with sharp edges are a hallmark of mobile-centric design. However, design trends have recently begun eschewing these square cards in favor of rounded-edged cards, fields, images, and more. Websites are also featuring round, organic shapes and uniquely-angled icons.

Page transitions
Web animations are becoming more and more complex, as both software and hardware evolve to support them. However, until recently, page scrolling has remained sacrosanct, an unchanging holdover from the days of Page Up and Page Down. Now, modern sites have dynamic transitions that make switching from page to page more of a unified, fluid experience rather than a disjointed page-flip.

Responsive design
Not so much a trend anymore as it is an essential element of modern web design; responsive design allows pages to “respond” to the kind of device with which a user views the page. A large, desktop-oriented page with multiple horizontally-oriented sections may suddenly transform into a card-like interface with a slide-out sidebar when viewed on mobile.

Notes On Conversion

If you want your site to effectively convert visitors into paying customers, you’ll want to grab their attention, keep it focused, and tell your story concisely and effectively. Here are some techniques and tools that sites with great conversion have, which you can use to stay competitive with digital marketing in Haywards Heath.

Video content
Video is king! Research have shown that adding a product video can increase conversion rates by as much as 144%. Landing page videos may improve conversion by up to 80%. And to top it all off, an entire third of all time spent on the Internet is spent on video playback!

With a clear-cut CTA that’s highly visible and enticing to visitors, you’ll be generating leads from visitors who do genuinely want to learn more, but may not intuitively know where to go to do just that. One HubSpot case study demonstrates a 105.9% increase in conversions from a company’s website, after the addition of a good CTA attached to a whitepaper inviting users to learn more about the company.

Page performance
How long it takes to load your page directly impacts your conversion rate. Some sobering statistics – one second of page load delay results in 7% fewer conversions and 11% fewer pageviews. In fact, 47% of visitors expect sites to fully load in under two seconds. Meanwhile, Google is actually taking page load time into account in its mobile search rankings, further impacting your reach if you have a slow site.


A Website Design Service Tailor-Made For You

Setting up your website in Haywards Heath may well be a tall order if you have a lot to pay attention to, no matter how easy the site builder is. You’ll still need someone with a professional eye and experience with various tools and web design principles to truly make an effective site.

You may opt to learn more and do things yourself, but if you want an efficient website and don’t have the time or available skills to make it happen, consider hiring our services. We can take care of design and deployment of a WordPress site to an appropriate hosting provider within reasonable time frames, leaving the keys of content management with you once we’ve achieved your design specifications.

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